Our portfolio showcases a wide variety of the work we have done for various clients. We strive to give the best quality design and development work to every customer. Enjoy perusing our portfolio to see some of the websites and designs we have created for our satisfied customers.


LEKI USA was interested in improving their search engine rankings. Even though Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not an exact science, there were specific things that had to be done that will overall help improve the LEKI USA website. Those areas are what we focused on.
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DrillSheet.com is a free service for the Bowling Industry. It was created to help Pro Shops organize their drilling data and to better help manage their clients while allowing bowlers to gain access to their personal information and learn more about the drilling process of their equipment. Pro Shops are able to store as many clients as they wish. Bowlers are able to manage what Pro Shops have access to their information. The future of bowling will be the inclusion of technology, and we are on the cutting edge!
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New Era - MiLB Catalog
New Era Cap Company approached us looking for a solution to cut costs on catalogs for their Minor League Baseball (MiLB) product line. With the introduction to an electronic catalog, we were able to not only reduce production and printing costs, but we also increased sales! A Flash-based catalog was created that dynamically built all of the caps with the logos and colors of the selected team.
New Era - College Catalog
After the great success of the MiLB electronic catalog, New Era Cap Company asked to use the same technology to build a College electronic catalog. New features were added to the catalog that would allow users to print all of the hats for the given team. Also, teams were grouped to help specify what caps would be offered for sales.
The Valley Gun Shop
The Valley Gun Shop, LLC (West Valley, NY) came to us looking for a solid solution to promote their company on the Internet. The site we created not only has a great look and feel, but it also has great content about the company, a flash-based photo gallery and a very simple way to contact the company.
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Blogatar is a service we created to allow weblog authors and readers a chance to show Avatar images in the comments of their weblog posts. Instead of having to upload your Avatar image on every weblog you read, you can upload it to Blogatar and have the weblogs pull the images from this central repository.
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Medication Pathfinder
Clinical Support Services asked us to create the initial "programming core" of Medication Pathfinder (MTMPath). MTMPath is a web application that allows pharmacists to manage and analyze medical information/records of their patients.
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PMR Smart
PMR Smart works in conjunction with Medication Pathfinder. It is a web application that allows patients of a pharmacy to retrieve their own medical information from any computer on the Internet.
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a day blog
a day blog is the first service that Nalod Associates created. It started as a 4-topic weblog that people can visit to read about deals, map images, websites, and music. After a design facelift and the addition to 4 new topics (news, podcasts, sports and video), a day blog is a great source for weblog articles! The site currently has over 1100 entries.
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Bihr Landscape
Bihr Landscape, Inc. (West Seneca, NY) was interested in their company's first website. We set them up with a simple design that centered around their amazing company information, a simple way of contacting them, and a very large photo gallery to showcase their work.
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Bowlers World, Ltd.
Bowlers World, Ltd. (Rochester, NY) was looking for a simple website to let people know a little more about their company. We devised a website that had great content, a new logo for their company, and a great design.
Kicken Hardware
Kicken Hardware (Philadelphia, PA) was looking for a new logo for their website. They were looking for something kicking a computer part. We brought to them a donkey kicking a computer monitor, and it was a great addition to their forum.
Business Cards
Looking for a strong sense of Company Branding? We can design and print business cards to match your website or your company colors.